Self-Filming & Short Films

You have to be half crazy to self-film hunts; however, embracing the challenge is well worth the reward. As if hunting big game wasn’t difficult and frustrating enough at times, self-filming adds another level of complexity.  As hunters, it’s exactly what we need (jokingly), more to think about and do when the moment of truth presents itself.

Creating a self-filmed short film for hunting or outdoor experiences requires dedication and discipline.  There is a considerable amount of time that goes into setting up shots, creating sequences, and capturing the true essence of the experience.  Not to mention trying to be invisible while filming wildlife at close distances or from a far.  Make no mistake about it. All the time invested into capturing the story is taking away your time actually hunting or scouting.

Being creative about how you present the story and film the events of the experience is important.  As with every hunt, no two experiences are the same.  There are a variety of different angles, techniques, and conceptual story lines that can be used to create a unique short film.  Be creative and explore different ways of self-filming.  Just because it’s done a certain way on standard television doesn’t mean it’s right, wrong, or the only way.  It is important to develop your own identity for the experiences captured.  If you do the same thing everyone else does then you’ll never stand out.

Ad­ditionally, the self-film approach lowers the overhead and operat­ing costs of the projects, which in turn provides more “bang for your buck” should you entertain the option of trying to get sponsors for your ventures.

Make it your own.

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