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Capture the Kill Shot…. Why?

You must capture the kill shot on film… I couldn’t DISAGREE more. Not knowing exactly how this was established as the industry standing for “good” hunting films, I think it is now outdated.  I can’t begin to count the number of hunting shows and episodes I have wasted time watching where they dribble through 30 minutes plus of nothing just to show a kill shot and pose behind the animal that had just been harvested. With the exception of a few clips, once you’ve seen a whitetail get shot, you’ve seen them all.

Maybe the importance of the kill shot emphasis is due to the difficulty of capturing the event on film. I would again DISAGREE that this is the most difficult or important part of creating a film. From an entertainment standpoint I’d prefer to have a good story to watch, maybe you miss, maybe you don’t see anything, but a good story trumps a kill shot in my books every day. Creating a good story, one that others can relate to, is by far more difficult than capturing the kill shot.

After all, the kill shot only lasts seconds, where a good story can last forever!

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